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Name: Tapey
Age: Twenties
Date/place of protest: 29 February 2009, Ngaba,
Current status: Unknown. He is known to be alive but he has not been able to return to his family
Overview: Tapey, a young monk from Kirti monastery, was the first person in Tibet to set themselves on fire in protest against China's Tibet policies. Before he set himself alight he held up a home-made Tibetan flag with a photograph of the Dalai Lama and shouted slogans. He was finally shot by People’s Armed Police (PAP) personnel.


Tapey, a Kirti monk in his mid-twenties, was shot by security personnel when he set himself on fire as a form of protest after prayer ceremonies at his monastery were cancelled.

Tapey walked alone to a nearby crossroads in the market area of the town. After dousing himself with petrol he set himself on fire and raised a home-made Tibetan flag that had at its centre a photograph of the Dalai Lama. When Tapey began to shout slogans People’s Armed Police (PAP) personnel opened fire shooting Tapey, who fell to the ground. He was immediately taken away by police to an unknown location.

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