Phakmo Samdup
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Name: Phakmo Samdup
Age: Late twenties
Date/place of protest: 6 February 2014, Tsekhog
Current status: Deceased
Overview: Phakmo Samdup was the first self-immolation protest of 2014.


Phakmo Samdup, a Tibetan man in his twenties, set himself on fire; his protest was the first self-immolation of 2014, five years on from the first self-immolation in Tibet of Kirti monk Tapey in February, 2009.

It appears that not many people were outside to witness the self-immolation. Police on patrol extinguished the fire and took Phakmo Samdup away, and it is not known if he survived, Tibetan sources said, adding he had been taken to Tsekhog county town.

Following the self-immolation, there was an intensification of security in the Tsekhog area with a buildup of paramilitary police, and communications to the area including phone calls were blocked.

Self-immolation of Tibetan father of two in Tsekhog – International Campaign for Tibet