Dorjee Kyab
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Name: Dorjee Kyab
Age: 16
Date/place of protest: 7 November 2012, Ngaba
Current status: Unknown but believed to have survived
Overview: Dorjee Kyab set himself on fire alongside two other Tibetan monks, Dorjee and Samdrup.


Dorjee Kyab, 16, Dorjee, 15 and Samdrup, 16, three young monks from Ngoshul monastery in Ngaba set themselves on fire; one died, while two were believed to have survived and to have been taken away by the authorities.

According to Tibetan monks in exile from Kirti monastery, the three monks set fire to themselves at around 3 pm November 7 calling out for the Dalai Lama to return to Tibet and for a free Tibet. 15-year old Dorjee, died immediately while Samdrup and Dorjee Kyab survived and were taken away by the authorities.

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